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Spring 2013 Registration is now CLOSED. Check with Division Directors for space availaibility

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Sign up early to secure your spot as APB sold out last season in many divisions. We expect record numbers to sign up, so don't be left out and register early!

If you are interested in managing, then complete a manager application under FORMS on the left and send to a Division Director.

APB strives to offer the most affordable league we can and unlike other leagues, we never turn away kids that want to play. Unfortunately however, APB has the highest operating costs of any league around, primarily due to our extremely high field costs (leases, permits and maintenance) as well as other general expenses required to operate a league. Families will receive a multi-player discount of $25 per additional player after the first player at full price.

Like past seasons, APB will continue to support and promote the Positive Coaching Alliance; and to show how much we believe in the program and want parents to come to the meetings, we will be collecting a FULLY REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT as part of the registration fees. The per-family PCA deposit will be refunded to any parent who attends the PCA meetings in February (or completes the on-line course).

As always, Agoura Pony Baseball is an entirely VOLUNTEER organization that encourages all parents to get involved. This not only helps us save costs that we would otherwise incur to hire people, but it’s also a rewarding and social experience that benefits our community. Teams will be collecting a $50 per player Snack Shack deposit (managers and two assistant coaches are exempt) that will be refunded after a family member (16 or older) works 2 hours in the snack shack. Note that APB’s Snack Shack deposit and shift requirement are far less than any of our neighboring leagues.

Spring 2013 fees are:


Registration Fees*


Shetland (born 5/1/06  -4/30/08)

$235 + $20 (per family) REFUNDABLEPCA Deposit


Pinto (born 5/1/04 - 4/30/06)

$275 + $20 (per family) REFUNDABLEPCA Deposit

$50 (per player) REFUNDABLE Snack Shack Deposit

Mustang (born 5/1/02  -4/30/04)

$275 + $20 (per family) REFUNDABLEPCA Deposit

$50 (per player) REFUNDABLE Snack Shack Deposit

Bronco (born 5/1/00 - 4/30/02)

$275 + $20 (per family) REFUNDABLEPCA Deposit

$50 (per player) REFUNDABLE Snack Shack Deposit

Pony (born 5/1/97 - 4/30/00)

$275 + $20 (per family) REFUNDABLEPCA Deposit

$50 (per player) REFUNDABLE Snack Shack Deposit




All Teams (except Champions)

$475 Team Sponsorship


*If anyone is in need of financial assistance, please contact Carl Hasting for more information. Any inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

*Refund requests made prior to the registration deadline will be honored less a $15 fee.  Refunds requested after the registration deadline and before the player is placed on a team will be honored at a 50% rate.  No refund is available once the player has been placed on a team.

To Begin Registration Click on the RedButton on the right of this page.

Frequently asked questions
Practices - Generally speaking, until games start, most teams will practice once during the week and once on the weekend (Sat or Sun). After games start in March, most teams tend to practice once a week in between games.
Games - Teams will generally play one game during the week and one game on the weekend (Sat or Sun).
What day/times are practices? Your team manager will determine which day(s) and times practices will be.
What day/times are games? Games are played 7 days a week. Weekday games start at 5pm whereas weekend times will vary throughout the day. Teams will rotate between different days and times each week.
What division will my child be in? See "Divisions & Teams" link to the left.
Where are the games/practices? See "Field Locations" link to the left.
What is the deadline for registration? January 10, 2013.
Is there walk-in registration? Yes. January 5, 2013 at Mae Boyer Park, 9am - 1pm
When are tryouts? January 12, 2013. All divisions except for Shetland will tryout at Lupin. Shetland tryouts will be at Sumac. See below for more details.
When will I hear from my coach? All teams should be selected by January 27. If you do not hear from anyone by then, then please contact the Division Director.
When do practices start? January 28, 2013
When do games start? March 2, 2013
When do games end? Teams can play as late as June 8, 2013 should they continue win throughout the play-offs.
Are trophies given? All Shetland players will receive a participation trophy. 1st and 2nd place trophies will be awarded to the tournament finalists in Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony. Additionally, 1st and 2nd place trophies will be awarded to the top two teams during the regular season where standings are kept (Pinto American, Mustang, Bronco and Pony)